Not every teacher is a “teacher”

9 Apr

It may be strange what i will tell you right now,but it’s perfectly true. I think this post may help to our future teachers. Okay,so right now i will retell about something controversial.

Since february i have gone to some chinese courses for begginers.At that time i studied this amazing language with a chinese student called Gao. He wasn’t a teacher before nor he got certificate that he finished some courses for being a teacher, but the way he acted at this lessons has impressed me. He was very simple and calm.He didn’t use and exceptional methods, he just tried to show some examples about uncommon, for european people, situations that happen in China. He wrote all new words on the table in a clear manner so that we could easily copy these characters in our copy books. I think communication between him and us motivates our future work and studies of this language. When we made mistakes he didn’t just corrected them,but also created a meaningful situation or phrase in which he explained the difference between correct form and incorrect ones. He gave us a lot of homework, and when it happened that we couldn’t finish it he didn’t abrogate us, moreover he was telling us some by a compliment(ex: “you are writing better than me”,”You are will know better than me chinese”) and it was funny,but on the same side it helped us to work more and improve our skills. I would like to mention that he wasn’t a chinese teacher in past nor did he finished any courses to improve his qualities of being a teacher.

For about two weeks we got a new teacher.She is called Mali and she was a chinese teacher for international students in china and an english teacher for chinese students.She told us that she had classed of 200 chinese  students, which seems that she did an amazing work there in China. Our class includes about   4-5 students and she said that it will be much easier for her to prepare us at chinese. We all were very happy when we saw her. I even taught her some Romanian words. She has experience as a chinese teacher for international students  of about 8 years, but the way she prepare us not so good as the way Gao did. She is talking very and very fast and for first level of studying this language(elementary one) i think it’s not so great. I have school hours for about half day and sometimes i don’t have too much time to practice chinese, but i am always writing some of the characters (sometimes it happens to write all of them).She doesn’t even praise us when we do everything correctly. She just says “Okay”.Sometimes i feel frustrated,because i spent about 3-4 hours to write down my homework and she just looks at these papers and signs. She doesn’t motivate developing of our skills at chinese. We do a lot of practice, but we don’t feel that bond. Right now, it’s like we study chinese because we have to study,but in past we had to define this study as a hobby. Before i came to chinese lessons with pleasure, because i knew that i will spend my time funny and effectively. But right now i feel like i am going there to write some exams at a subject which i didn’t prepare for.

If you want to be a teacher in future don’t go to lessons just to present all information you have to, because information without communication isn’t so effective. Better try to understand people you want to teach and then do your job. Mali proved again that not all teachers are destined to be teachers, but Gao showed that you don’t have to pass some university classes to become a teacher. Follow your heart and your dreams and if they both have the same direction then follow it.


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