Some reasons i applied at UPENN:

7 Apr
  •     It has the world’s first collegiate business school and the first business school in the United States( established in 1881 by Joseph Wharton).
  •     I want to work a lot, that’s why i need a prestigious school.When you know that your university is one of the best in the world at program you are studying, your efforts are much greater and you become more motivated to do something unusual.
  •     Even there are some good Ivy league universities, i think no other  offers a business program of this calibre.
  •    Because its reputation is wonderful, and it is justified by quality of programs it offers  and  a big number of extracurricular activities you may practice there.
  •   It has a good balance between work and fun .
  •  Upenn has more international students than any other ivy, so i want to make new friends with different ideas and with different social backgrounds. I’m sure  i am able to meet there a lot of students that will share the same feelings i do.
  •     I want to meet J. Scott Armstrong, because his researches in econometrics field really impressed me.

P.S:Even if i didn’t get in i’m now not very upset, because life goes on and i have some more times. Upenn i wish one day i’ll be there and try to research different issues related to econometrics. You are my dream and sometimes dreams get true.


One Response to “Some reasons i applied at UPENN:”

  1. soopafishl July 1, 2012 at 9:10 PM #

    Hello and thank you for visiting my blog… I wish you great success!

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